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Waldhaus part 2

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Last week I finished the second pair of my “Das Waldhaus” socks for the friend who took the brillinat pics for the pattern.

In this post I talked about dying the yarn for the socks. After knitting up both versions I prefer the lower socks with the sprinkles. This yarn was dyed using the ball-method.
The upper one is really fun to dye and would look a lot better with different colours then trying to do a gradient one. For a good gradient yarn one would need a lot more skeins and dyes then I used. But I’ll try my hands on that method again for a rainbow or really colourful yarn.


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This blog post is for the really nice lady today who was so impressed by my knitting I’m still smiling.

I was wearing my Blooming Garden Shawl in Wollmeise pure “Frühling”. As the colour means “spring” and it is rather warm here already for febuary I though it was the fitting piece for today.

I sadly don’t have any pics of me wearing the shawl but a funny one of it blocking:

In other news I finished a companion piece to my Waldhaus socks: Some mitten I knitted for the ravellenic games. Atm they are tested and will be available soon.

Doctor Who and Me

Earlier this year I stumble upon a search from the National Media Museum in Bradford, for their 50th year of Doctor Who exhibition.
Of cause I send an email with pics of my (well parts) collection of hand knitted and crochet dolls and memorabilia from Doctor Who.

Lot’s of emails and a few weeks later I was packing up the little ones cause they wanted them in the exhibition!

There is a launch party on friday evening before the official opening on saturday, just in time for the big day.
There are already two professional pics of my dolls online.

(more here)

(From the guardian website!)

And as it’s the usual case with a publication and handcrafts, they just can’t get their facts right, my Ice Warrior is crochet!
And was a gift from a friend, but I’m not sure if I only put that in the email or actually put a tag on him, so that could be my fault.
Never the less: One of mine is in the guardian :D

As I’m really exited about that whole thing in general, I’ll post pics whenever I find some online, so be warned ;)

Sidestep into dying

As payment for taking the gorgeous pictures for my Waldhaus socks (and lot’s of other brilliant pics) I’m knitting my friend the socks again.

The colour choices will be inspired by a test knit for the pattern. But in just monochrome black/gray/white.

As I could not find a sockyarn that has a gradient from white to black and would not cost more in shipment then in yarn.

So famous last words: I do that myself.

I searched who to dye gradient colour changes. There are two methods I found. And of cause I needed to try both.

I bought a white skein of sock yarn and split it into two equal parts, one for each sock.

For both methods you need:

- 1 skein of yarn, natural fibers
– Dye, I used Jacquard dye in black
– white vinegar
– Rubber gloves
– Old pot or jars

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Waldhaus socks

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I’m one of those knitters who loves to play with colours in sock knitting, but I just hate fair isle knitting and intarsia in the round is just annoying.
So I’m always looking for technique I can use without the strands of fair isle which always get to tight or intarsia.

bis Oktober 2013 030

Well if you look closely these socks are actually intarsia, but as the colour is only one stitch wide there is no slipping stitches around the you can just pull the main colour behind it.

You can really play with colours here, you can use only two colours or using 4 of those, you can use solids or highly variegated yarns with a high contrast.
I used a semi-solid as main colour, two solids as contrast and one variegated as the third contrast colour.

bis Oktober 2013 037

The socks are inspired by the fairy tale “the hut in the woods”. In the story three sisters are send out one after another to bring food to their working father. All three get lost on their way, as fairy tales go. The first two refuse to help the animals and old people they meet and are thrown into the cellar, the third helps and get’s the dashing prince in the end.
In the socks are three colours and lines that wander around the sock but only one is picked for the cuff and get’s to the end.

For the photo shoot we choose the last day of cold before a week of spring like temperatures in autumn.
Good thing my friend who took the pics is good enough to make the pics look nice and cuddly and don’t show the “brr it’s cold and wet and I want back into my shoes” I was feeling.

bis Oktober 2013 033

And last but not least, as it’s my birthday today there is a 10% discount on all my patterns today :)

Happy knitting.

Bowties and sweater

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I’m I’m not a very good blogger. Mainly I forget to write something for 2 or 3 weeks and then feel strange coming back to the blog.
But I got two projects I’m really exited about.

First my third Doctor Who inspired shawl.
This time with a bowtie and a TARDIS cables running up the sides and a beaded constellation of Kasterborous in the middle.


Not really a lot to see in the sample as yet, but I only started yesterday with the gorgeous yarn from Sheepy Times Knit in the colourway Bowties are Cool.


And the second project, which will take more time then the shawl, is my first sweater design.
It’s a top-down, seamless construction with a lace and cable panel running down one side.


And of cause as it’s just getting into the cold part of autumn I’m knitting in cotton yarn.

Peris Paradox

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A little behind-the-scenes for my latest shawl design, Peri’s Paradox, newly published in knitty.

The whole thing started out as a little sketch in my notebook.


First it was just a half circle with stockinette stitch and a border, but with time and playing with the idea in my head I changed the stockinette stitch to the woven-pattern and later added the reverse stockinette panel on top.

The whole pattern is an homage to one of my favourite Doctor Who companions: Perpugilliam “Peri” Brown and the audioplay Peri and the Piscon Paradox.

The first version was worked as part of the Nerd Wars over at ravelry, I’m usually in team “Shady Cels” all things comic/animation/manga/anime.
I made it as a dissertation, a project that takes more than one challenge and is worked over the whole tournament, and got full points for it :)

bis April 2013 030

This dissertation was worked in Wollmeise 100%/Pure in Spinaci and I used 88% of the skein, so if you have a skein of Wollmeise Pure lying around this is a nice project that uses just that one skein.

This is the version I send to knitty.
From knitty I got a lovely silk/merino yarn, SweetGeorgia Yarns Silk Crush to be precise. A strangely aped name for the yarn. It’s lovely and smooth and cuddly like you would expected from a silk/merino blend but the silk characteristics are very strong and you get that paper-ish feeling from pure silk with the warmth of merino.
The colour chosen by knitty was a nice deep pink-ish/purpel-ish-berry colour “Raspberry”. Which is a colour you would not find in my stash but the best thing about knitting-friends with different tastes in colour is not only that you don’t have to fight over the same unique skein of yarn but also you can “pay” your model with the piece she’s modeling.

And it’s totally her colour :)

The pics were taken by another friend and we had really good fun while shooting, here some behind-the-scenes-pics:

bis April 2013 044a bis April 2013 119a

Mostly pinning things down as it was a bit windy.

I hope you will all have fun with my pattern, it’s not the easiest I ever designed but it’s one of my favourites and get’s a lot of wear.


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