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One should never take a knitting project on a train journey when the pattern is on the Mac only and there is not enough space to put up the Mac!

But hey I finished most of my book.

The pattern in question is a new design for a circular shawl. I never knitted a circular shawl before, so designing my first ever circular shawl myself is a bit of a risk, but works so far.
My inspiration for this one is he athurian legend, the lake with Excalibur in it in particular. So it’ll start with some nature themes and ends in water and maybe a bit of ruffles for the boarder to underline the water thing.

And the further (nuts) plan is to make that shawl into a parasol. I always wanted a nice, cute, black parasol in the summer without looking too girly or too goth.
But I hope with my own design and a “fuck strange looks”-attitude I’ll hopefully have my parasol in the not so far future.


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Knitter, sewer, spinner. Way to many comic books, yarn and Doctor Who DVDs at home to call it healthy but I love it.

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