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Frogging :(

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The Tempest cardigan from I never were the best of friends.
I really like the look of the cardigan, but knitting it and wearing was a different thing.

My first attempt was way to small even for me. I got gauge, I knitted with the yarn (Wollmeise in Frosch and Schwarz) before and even washed my swatch!
So I frogged the whole thing, I already finished the sewing and had just the hem left. After reskaining I stared knitting again and this time two sizes up.

This time it fitted šŸ™‚

Just in time for a hot summer…
So the cardigan went into the autumn/winter/wool part of my dresser and had to wait a few month for a reappearing.
I wore it a few times to Uni but never really liked the sleeves and all those buttons were to much too.

So then two month ago I wanted to wear it again but found this:


Yes I could repair it. But as I never was really in love with the cardigan, I just know when to give up.

So today I’ll frog the whole cardigan, again.
The really lovely (and expansive) glasbuttons will go on a new cardigan, Tangled Yoke from Interweave, I already finished and wore quiet a lot last month without buttons.



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