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Spinning something green

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I already own a spinning wheel, a Wernekinck Delft to be precise, for two years now.
It’s a really lovely little thing I got from my parents. I had to scrub a lot of let’s-not-think-about-it-stuff from it after the wheel lived in a very wet cellar for over 20 years.
But apart from the cleaning and oiling the wood again it was fully functional and working.

For my learning curve I bought 2kg of undyed wool and experimented with different drafting and dying the wool/yarn.
Most of that yarn is or will be made into Doctor Who inspired squares and then sewed together to form a blanket.

So the wheel is working good and I’m getting even yarn (we all have bad days) out of it. But it’s really not suitable for spinning lace yarn and I really didn’t had fun with the cashmere.
Ok the cashmere spinning being a total failure could be because I wasn’t a good spinner then but I’m sure the wheel had it’s part too.

So last thursday while being at a DIY store I bough a little toy wheel and a matching stick for under 3€.
Together with a drop of wood glue I made a spindle for lace yarns 🙂

I had to adjust my drafting a bit but it’s already looking quite nice, let’s hope that structure is still there after setting the yarn.
The fibre is some lovely merino I got from a friend, it was in a package with 10 different shades of green. I already spun up two of those on my wheel and now will spin the others on the spindle and maybe knit them all together into something shawl-like.

So now when will I take that thing with me to uni to get even more strange looks then with “just” the knitting 😀


About Atalante

Knitter, sewer, spinner. Way to many comic books, yarn and Doctor Who DVDs at home to call it healthy but I love it.

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  1. That was clever if you to make your own spindle. The spinning seems to be coming out evenly. Nice job!


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