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Monthly Archives: December 2012

It fits!

I finally knitted enough shawl to fit my umbrella 😀

It’s not blocked in the picture so last part looks very sloppy and the estonian flowers are hardly visible.

Now I “just” need to knitt the ruffeled boarder. I now have a 1m cable and not really space to work but I finished the increases for the ruffels and I now knit until the yarn runs out.



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Last time my mother visited me she noticed my fresh press felted slippers and instandly liked them. So for he christmas gift this year I knitted and felted her a pair too.

They knit up really fast and look really sloppy and big before felting:

The advent calender next to it is from my mother and the size of a postcard.

But after only one cycle in my front loader the cascade 220 is felted to the right size and I even had to stretch it a bit to fit me.

As my mother didn’t want the strap for the slippers (“too girly”) I needle felted a few swirls onto the front:

It’s good that I have such a huge stash of green yarns and fibres as the love for green seems to be genetic 🙂


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The really annoying part of designing and knitting my own patterns: I can’t blame anyone else then myself for stupid mistakes in the pattern.
Yesterday I found a math error (switched two numbers in my notes!) and thanks to that I had to frog, recalculate part of my shawl, made a new chart and swatch that chart.

Foto am 05-12-2012 um 19.41

It’s a play on a classic estonian waterlily with a mesh background.
It’d the last chart before the boarder. I only need 10cm more in the shawl to fit my umbrella.

But before I can finish the shawl I really need a new skein of yarn, my second one is running low:

Foto am 05-12-2012 um 20.06

And I thought I would need less then two skeins. Will be quite heavy now, hope I works as a parasol!