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Waldhaus socks

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I’m one of those knitters who loves to play with colours in sock knitting, but I just hate fair isle knitting and intarsia in the round is just annoying.
So I’m always looking for technique I can use without the strands of fair isle which always get to tight or intarsia.

bis Oktober 2013 030

Well if you look closely these socks are actually intarsia, but as the colour is only one stitch wide there is no slipping stitches around the you can just pull the main colour behind it.

You can really play with colours here, you can use only two colours or using 4 of those, you can use solids or highly variegated yarns with a high contrast.
I used a semi-solid as main colour, two solids as contrast and one variegated as the third contrast colour.

bis Oktober 2013 037

The socks are inspired by the fairy tale “the hut in the woods”. In the story three sisters are send out one after another to bring food to their working father. All three get lost on their way, as fairy tales go. The first two refuse to help the animals and old people they meet and are thrown into the cellar, the third helps and get’s the dashing prince in the end.
In the socks are three colours and lines that wander around the sock but only one is picked for the cuff and get’s to the end.

For the photo shoot we choose the last day of cold before a week of spring like temperatures in autumn.
Good thing my friend who took the pics is good enough to make the pics look nice and cuddly and don’t show the “brr it’s cold and wet and I want back into my shoes” I was feeling.

bis Oktober 2013 033

And last but not least, as it’s my birthday today there is a 10% discount on all my patterns today 🙂

Happy knitting.


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