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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Doctor Who and Me

Earlier this year I stumble upon a search from the National Media Museum in Bradford, for their 50th year of Doctor Who exhibition.
Of cause I send an email with pics of my (well parts) collection of hand knitted and crochet dolls and memorabilia from Doctor Who.

Lot’s of emails and a few weeks later I was packing up the little ones cause they wanted them in the exhibition!

There is a launch party on friday evening before the official opening on saturday, just in time for the big day.
There are already two professional pics of my dolls online.

(more here)

(From the guardian website!)

And as it’s the usual case with a publication and handcrafts, they just can’t get their facts right, my Ice Warrior is crochet!
And was a gift from a friend, but I’m not sure if I only put that in the email or actually put a tag on him, so that could be my fault.
Never the less: One of mine is in the guardian 😀

As I’m really exited about that whole thing in general, I’ll post pics whenever I find some online, so be warned 😉


Sidestep into dying

As payment for taking the gorgeous pictures for my Waldhaus socks (and lot’s of other brilliant pics) I’m knitting my friend the socks again.

The colour choices will be inspired by a test knit for the pattern. But in just monochrome black/gray/white.

As I could not find a sockyarn that has a gradient from white to black and would not cost more in shipment then in yarn.

So famous last words: I do that myself.

I searched who to dye gradient colour changes. There are two methods I found. And of cause I needed to try both.

I bought a white skein of sock yarn and split it into two equal parts, one for each sock.

For both methods you need:

– 1 skein of yarn, natural fibers
– Dye, I used Jacquard dye in black
– white vinegar
– Rubber gloves
– Old pot or jars

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