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Monthly Archives: February 2015

7 days – 7 things

This is an idea I nicked from a friends blog, look here for the german blog. It is about making all those creativ things you do in a week stand up proud for all to see, may it big or small.

So hopefully there now will be a regual installment about my crafts over the last 7 days.

I always was very creativ and crafted all the time. Even in Kindergarten I much more prefered to paint and draw then to play outdoors or listen to books being read.
Later I took up cooking, baking, crafting stars from straw and paper (yes my mom has lot’s of decorations for christmas), and now I’m deep into knitting, crochet and spinning.

So here the first overview over the last 7 days.





I finshed the little doll of the 11th Doctor. I started this last august for a friend. But a mix of no-motivation-what-so-ever, some bad news about my other dolls, and just uhhh-shiny-distraction made him a UFO for a long time.






The next FO! Socks this time. These “only” took about 2 month. Yes not my favourite project either to work. Not even sure why, there were neither complicated to knit nor too boring, and even for me. But they fit and look pretty much like I wanted them to look, always a good thing with designing.





I sketched, charted the main part and swatched a new design for a shawl. To early to post a picture of the design, but looks like there will be a Doctor Strange shawl in my comic book collection.
The picture is of all the comic book characters I have pattern ideas so far, from the already published once to just sketches.
The socks from above are the first point in “generic”.






This year I started my gardening slightly earlier then last year. Hopeful the seeds will grow.
I use egg shells as planters; easy to use, free and they come with their own holding facility.







Thanks to a rather funny thread on Ravelry about brioche, I made lots of that this week. Well the bread kind, I can’t stand the knit stitch! The latest version has Nutella-filling.





After finishing some longterm WIPs I started clue 2 of Follow Your Arrow 2. My coinflip choose version A. I use a lace weight in a just gorgeous green and guess the shawl will end up more like a shawlette.







And last but not least, I finished this blouse. Sewing on buttons is not my favourite part of any craft, I just can’t be trusted to be around sharp needles I’m way to accident prone.



So until next week with some more and some already seen crafty things.


All tangled up, or not!

If you’re ever wondered, why I don’t go insane when working my Das Waldhaus socks? I use a similar technic with my current design. It is like so many lately inspired my comic books, the panels to be precise.

I just push all contrast colours in the sock. So when working, I knit continental style with my main colour and when I come to a stitch that needs to be worked in contrast colour I just pull up the yarn a bit and throw the stitch.

All tangled up

This way no tangling up of main and contrast colours. Even tho the contrast colours build up a nest you only need the lenghth of 1 stitch untangled, something that is achieved while pulling up the yarn for knitting that stitch.

Here the finished socks, fresh from the needles and I even woven in the ends. Yes I don’t always weave them in with socks …

Comic book panel socks

The joy of buttons

Well before I bought my sewing machine last year I inherited a button collection.
These were intended for my knitting but with taking up yet another hobby these will be for sewing as well. This month sewing project is a blouse. I’m so thankful for the new Nerdopolis challenge were sewing or other non-Ravelry crafts, count.

So I spend some time sorting through the buttons, not that I found what I needed for my blouse, but it was fun.

2015-02-16 19.30.49

Now I have to find patterns for some of those buttons I really love 🙂

Lady Sif

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As some may know I’m a comic book nerd. I read comic books now for most of my life, I started “reading” (ok let’s be honest, looking a pictures) when I was around 4.

One of the female heros I always loved is the Lady Sif from the Thor series. She is on hell of a warrior and still female.

So when I started my brain storming about knitting patterns inspired by comic book heros, I just needed a pattern with her iconic armor.
I must admit that I’m somewhat of a fingerless mitten addict, so combining the two was a logical step for me.

Lady Sif Gauntlets

bis November 2014 141

Her warrior skirt and body armor build the cuff and hand portion of the mitten, the garter stitch on top are a nod to her diadem.
The mitten are worked with a lateral braid, which give the pattern a certain look, but is easier to work then it may look. I even provided a little photo tutorial with the pattern.

This first page of one of her books describes what I like about her best:

Lady Sif Gauntlets

And hey, even with a sword and warrior gauntlets I can’t be serious or silent while doing a photoshoot. Yes my friend and photographer complains a lot about the fact that I just can’t keep my mouth shut.

bis November 2014 136

Love and Hate

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Sometimes there are designs I love, but still hate so much while working on.

My current shawl design is one of those. I really like the look so far, I liked the look of the parts I frogged (now twice!), I really love the yarn. But now I had to frog the boarder twice! Boarder, that part of a shawl that usually has the most stitches and in this case lace.
The lace is a not even complicated chevron lace, which gives a great contrast to the stockinette stitch and colourwork of the main body of the shawl. But I buggered up the stitchcount twice(!) for the chart. And let’s face it, a jog of even one stitch is very noticable in a geomatrical pattern like chevron 😉
I now made the third chart, which is not that uncommen for designing, but usually I have a working chart without such math problems before starting.

So now I have the stitches just before the lace back on the needles, and start something else, written by someone else, to give my knitting brain a rest.

So this girl is off knitting the Snpadragon flip-tops for a friend/model 🙂

Here she is in a behind the scene from our last photoshoot she is trying on MY favourit cardigen 😉

 tangled yoke cardigen