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Love and Hate

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Sometimes there are designs I love, but still hate so much while working on.

My current shawl design is one of those. I really like the look so far, I liked the look of the parts I frogged (now twice!), I really love the yarn. But now I had to frog the boarder twice! Boarder, that part of a shawl that usually has the most stitches and in this case lace.
The lace is a not even complicated chevron lace, which gives a great contrast to the stockinette stitch and colourwork of the main body of the shawl. But I buggered up the stitchcount twice(!) for the chart. And let’s face it, a jog of even one stitch is very noticable in a geomatrical pattern like chevron 😉
I now made the third chart, which is not that uncommen for designing, but usually I have a working chart without such math problems before starting.

So now I have the stitches just before the lace back on the needles, and start something else, written by someone else, to give my knitting brain a rest.

So this girl is off knitting the Snpadragon flip-tops for a friend/model 🙂

Here she is in a behind the scene from our last photoshoot she is trying on MY favourit cardigen 😉

 tangled yoke cardigen


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