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As some may know I’m a comic book nerd. I read comic books now for most of my life, I started “reading” (ok let’s be honest, looking a pictures) when I was around 4.

One of the female heros I always loved is the Lady Sif from the Thor series. She is on hell of a warrior and still female.

So when I started my brain storming about knitting patterns inspired by comic book heros, I just needed a pattern with her iconic armor.
I must admit that I’m somewhat of a fingerless mitten addict, so combining the two was a logical step for me.

Lady Sif Gauntlets

bis November 2014 141

Her warrior skirt and body armor build the cuff and hand portion of the mitten, the garter stitch on top are a nod to her diadem.
The mitten are worked with a lateral braid, which give the pattern a certain look, but is easier to work then it may look. I even provided a little photo tutorial with the pattern.

This first page of one of her books describes what I like about her best:

Lady Sif Gauntlets

And hey, even with a sword and warrior gauntlets I can’t be serious or silent while doing a photoshoot. Yes my friend and photographer complains a lot about the fact that I just can’t keep my mouth shut.

bis November 2014 136


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