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7 days – 7 things

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And here the second installment of the “7 days – 7 things” challenge.

7 Days 7 Things by Atalante

– I worked on my Follow your Arrow 2. Which is surprisingly slow, concidering I finished the first MKAL from Ysolda actually during the KAL. Ah well, I’ll finished it eventually. The clues so far are 1:A, 2:A and just started 3:A, I’m starting to think the coin I use to choose has a preference!

– I swatched a new design and wrote up a submission for a sock club for it. Obviously no pictures but I would appreciate some crossed fingers 😉

– Added other egg-planters. One is with tomato seeds and two with garden cress, to actually use something I grew before the end of march. Yes I can be a bit impatient. But look there are already some bell paper (on the left) and tomato seeds growing (on the right).

– After telling some friends I sometimes make my own pasta dough and ravioli, it was decided (not  by me) I had to do some for our next get together. So I present, ravioli filled with peas and ricotta, made by me as well, and tomato-chilli-sauce.

– Baby Converse. Incredible cute and just perfect for one of the babies my sisters are expecting. I used this pattern. The pattern works great, but I hate chatter in between the instructions, and even worse; the designer is constantly apologising for the pattern!

– After killing yet another sourdough starter last december, I finally made a new one. Still in early stages and I just put some flour in, so no bubbly mess to see. I love to make my own bread, and I don’t even do it for the very tasty product but he fun of kneading and seeing the yeast at work. After buying a kg of onions today I guess all I’ll be eating next week is caramelised-onion-bread bathed in butter 🙂

– I did edit some patterns and wrote the romance/introduction texts for my upcoming MKAL. Editing may sound more like work the fun or being creativ, but I love the math aspect of pattern writting. The romance texts on the other hand, Imnot good with creativ writting.
Regarding the MKAL, well it will be a shawl with an inspirational theme you may guess from recent postes coughcomicscough. I f you like a MKAL watch this space, there will be a very low starting price for early shoppers.

Btw, does cleaning/remodeling count? I’m thinking about a crafts space in my livingroom and well atm it’s more a space for collection stuff and my old computers.


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Knitter, sewer, spinner. Way to many comic books, yarn and Doctor Who DVDs at home to call it healthy but I love it.

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