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7 Things – 7 Days, the third

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I’m kind of amazed I manage to blog regularly, usually I’m already distracted by the next shiney thing after around a week.

But this collecting things over a week really helps. I write things after/while crafting and then have one shiney new post once a week.

7 Days - 7 Things, part 3

– Just like the last two weeks, I worked on my Follow your Arrow 2. The firts three clues are all A, but the last coin flip was a B, clue 4 will be B.

– The sourdough starter turned out ok, and I already made a bread with caramelised onions and made a sandwich of awesome! Fresh, still warm bread, melted cheese, yoghurt dip, assorted veggies and chillie powder. mjam

– For last years Whocast christmas quiz, I pledged a pair of handmade potholders as a prize. Yes, finally started those. The first one is a TARDIS one, not yet decided on the second one.

– I did actually manage to clean my never-used-desk to become a crafting/sewing space. So total chaos with two PCs and lot’s of paper stuff became this. Not yet finished but so much better!

– Overdyed some yarn. The original was a white colour with some blue accents and well I prefere greens.

– And dyed some blues and a violett as well. I needed the violett, but there was so much blue still left after my skein was a good colour, I splashed two other skeins into the dying bath as well.

– Pleasure reading, some of the best things in life. I do read a lot of ebooks, as I mostly read during commute and I prefer to travel as light as possible. One of the books I read at home is the Doctor Who novel Shada.

A little update on my plants, they grow. I think I need to get some more soil and plant them in something bigger.



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Knitter, sewer, spinner. Way to many comic books, yarn and Doctor Who DVDs at home to call it healthy but I love it.

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