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7 Days – 7 Things (or less)

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So this week I didn’t manage to find 7 things I crafted. The blame for that lies with one huge project.

7 days - 7 things (or less)

– I made a spring jacket for myself. The pattern is called “Watson” by Papercut. I bough the main fabric on Saturday and started to work on Sunday, stupid washing and drying of fabric before cutting. For sizing I made my own which is somewhere between XS and S. The main fabric is a bit stiff for the cape, but hell I have a jacket with a cape on it 😀 This little girls dream about becoming a superhero is one step closer! The lining is a mix of two polka dot fabrics I had at home, and a deep gray and one a black. (Does a whole jacket made in less then a week count as two projects?! I mean there is a lining and everything!)

– ln other crafts related news, I’m still working on my Follow your Arrow 2. In the middle of clue 4 atm, not long to go now!

– I started a sock with the green and purple yarn I dyed last week. They are inspired by She-Hulk and her leotard costume. But this way she could even wear her colours in court.

– Some of the tomato plants were rehomed and are now living in a larger container with more space, better water suplise and better lighting.

– Those bell pepper plants wanted to have a larger pot as well, after seeing the one the tomatos got. So some of those got rehomed as well. Let’s hope I’ll actually get big plants and fruits on both 🙂

– And today was a partiall solar eclipse in Germany (the faroes actually got a total one). In Berlin we had around 75% of the sun overshadowed by the moon. Real fun outside. Usually people don’t talk to each other on the street, but today, little groups got together looked through the very few special glasses someone had, lots of camera obsucras and strangers talking to each others.
I watched most of it with a very low-key camera obscura, I had a postcard, made a hole with a pin and was standing around looking on my handbag! No pictures from that one, but I made one a bit earlier when a guy with a mirror reflected the ecipse on a wall.


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