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7 days – 7 things IV

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Welcome again to my weekly crafty round-up. This time a day late, but sometimes real live (aka my Doctor Who meeting) gets in the way.
An exciting week, as I just published the pre-order of a MKAL I designed. I hope all knitters will have as much fun knitting up the shawl as I had while designing and knitting!


– And I’m still working on my Follow your Arrow 2. I should have used fingering instead of the lace weight, as the pattern wants. It is so slow going, but fun!

– My She-Hulk socks are growing. I really like the handdyed green as main colour, so vibrant and still only one colour.

– Kim-Chi. I forgot to buy cabbage the last two weeks, to make new one, but finally bought some. Well I was out of salt for dehydrating the cabbage a bit, but I still had some in my TARDIS salt shaker. It’s still fermenting but I’m looking forward for the first taste!

– I wrote up a pattern for a new pair of fingerless mitts. Another one for my ever growing collection of those. By now I can’t even use the excuse that I need one for every outfit, I’m way past that point, but I just love to make and wear them! No swatch or cast on yet, but all the math is done 🙂

– Swatched! Yes, that strange word. This time a sewing swatch. I talked a lot about buttonholes this weekend, the good thing about friends who sew as well, and I wanted to try a bound buttonhole. I really liek the look of those, but the fabric is very stiff so the buttonhole looks a bit pushed back, but I like it. I think I’ll try them on the next jacket project I make.

– And more swatching. It’s submission season for most knit publications, so I swatch quiet a lot, and sadly can’t show pics or tell you about it. Evenso I’m always so excited about a new design in development. This one is more a fall or winter thing, which goes aginst the weather getting warmer here in Berlin, but designing for the mirror season is always better for the publishing side, even when it goes agains my “knit all the spring knits”-feelings 🙂

– There are a few birthdayparties coming up next week. For one I made this little butterfly from fabrics I had from bigger projects. It’s made from a rectangle and the folded like a classic origami butterfly. To stabilise the little on, I sew everything together in the middle.


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