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7 days – 7 things V

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7 days - 7 things five

Oh what a week. On saturday my trusted and loved macbook died. Rarely was I so happy that I make regular backups. Ok mine were a week old, but better then loosing all my data.
A new one is already here. Thank godness for my pattern designing, that payed for this lovely new thing.
And yes that is the main creativ thing this week, as I mostly had to rescue knitting related data! Hell, the MKAL would be pretty short without the friend who’s macbook I could use to pull data from my backups to my tablet.

Follow your Arrow 2,  yes still working on it. But strangly I prefere to work from my laptop screen rather then my tablet, so not a lot of work done here.

I finished the first She-Hulk sock! And the second one is started as well. As I never worked a whole sock with intarsia in the round, only parts of a sock (Panda socks), I’m pleasantly surprised how comfey they are. I thimk these will be a stable in my sock drawer.

Re-started the mitten for a friend. Snapdragon by Ysolda in Chiara with the fabulous bling factor. They are the “payment” for some modeling she did for me, she is the girl on my Tales of Suspense pictures.

After telling a lot of people how brilliant I think the first Vol. Of “Runaways” from  Marvel is, I started a re-read. I still miss Gertrude!

I started charting and writing for three different patterns. One pair of mitten, one stole and a shawl. All different skill levels as well, from commute  knitting to “I need the pattern with me” to “boy that one has teeth!”. But knowing me, I’ll finish the most complicated knit fastest,I just love a challenge in knitting 🙂

Swatch. Yes I love to swatch new patterns, you can play with a pattern without knitting a whole piece. I even got a pinboard inbetween my windows for swatches. This is the brginning of a new one. I frogged to first version, was so unhappy with the decreases I re-charted nealry the whole thing.


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