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7 Days – 7 Things, number 7

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Yes way to late, but I just didn’t have the time or motivation to take pictures in the alst three days, but here they are.

7 days - 7 things

– Worked on that little “only 1 row after CO edge” scarf from last week. Grew a fair bit.

– The green shawl managed to grow as well. So far 130 beads, and that is just the set-up and knitting main chart once! I see a lot of bling in my future 😀

– The She-Hulk socks are my current cummute project, so they only get to worked on 1 or 2 rows per day, but slow and stady wins the race. On Thursday while being on the train, a woman asked a bit shocked if I knitted the shawl I was wearing as well. Why yes, that was my Juliane shawl.

– Made myself a new belt. My favourit belt broke so I rescued the hardware from  it and made a new one.

– I have a 60s dress from my mother with an A-line cut, pretty short, and a yoke and short sleeves made from lace. As it’s from the 60s and my mother as well as I worn  it quite often, the lace is broken in a lot of pieces and the solid part isn’t in the best shape either. So last year a friend of mine made me a pattern from the drsss and I finally found a crochet pattern for the lace, so new version, shere I come.

– I sewn a booklet. A few days back I found a tutorial for japanese book binding. And like a lot of crafts, I had to try it.

– A friend ask if I would sew her a circle skirt. Not something I would need a pattern for, Pi is a lovely thing to work with, I thought that would be a nice thing to try out the pattern software I have. After some trial and error, I made a pattern 🙂


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Knitter, sewer, spinner. Way to many comic books, yarn and Doctor Who DVDs at home to call it healthy but I love it.

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