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Designing, but not the usual kind

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In the last two month I made a bodice block with my measurments.
My first sewn garment from it was a blouse. It fits beautifully and I may be in love with pefect tailored garments. Nothing is too tight or too loose or just a bit uncomftable, everything is just right!

(Sorry for the bad pic, but I made it 5min after finishing and it was late at night)

The second one is this dress in progress. I honestly need another pencil dress like I need another shawl, but then I look good in them and there are fun to make.
This one uses a dart manipulation inspired by the “Pattern Magic” books by Tomoko Nakamichi.
There will be quite a bit of hand sewing, but I don’t mind, that is one of these crafts I can do while watching one of my shows.
I bit undecided about the sleeves atm, debating if I want just normal, unadored sleeves with a hem, or go all out and make some with cuffs.
The second option would be fun, but may distraced from the the joke bit.



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Knitter, sewer, spinner. Way to many comic books, yarn and Doctor Who DVDs at home to call it healthy but I love it.

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