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Making yarn from yarn

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In late november last year I won tickets for the first ‘knit cinema’ in Berlin.
This is a rather great concept where the light is still on while the movie is shown, so you can knit while watching.
Friends will tell you I even knit in the cinema when the lights aren’t on, but this version is easier (and no surprise of dropped stitches later!)


As it was the first happening there was a little ruffle of ‘We are knitters’ kits.
They make your usual run of the mill hipster knitting kits, huge (15mm!) needles, giant single-ply yarn (1cm diameter), a sew-on-tag, a plastic tapestry needle to small for the yarn! and a pattern where you have to sew mitten.
All in all not something I can actually use.
My preferred needle size is 3.5mm, DK is a thick yarn for me and I know how to work in the round. But the friend I want with and I thought ‘why not, let’s put our names in’.


Of cause, after already winning the tickets, we both won a knit each!

So now what? Actually knit with needles larger then drum sticks? Sell it on ebay? Trash it? (ok let’s be honest, I would never trash 100% fluffy wool!)

Juliane Stricknadeln

copyright Juliane Kiesel

After examining the yarn a bit, it’s spun very loosely, I thought about spinning it into a finer yarn, a lot finer!


At home I made a test, and yeah I can spin it.
So now instead of continuing my green merino/silk fibres, I make useful yarn from (for me) useless yarn. And then the second skein from my friend.


And before someone asks about the colour: Yes I’ll over dye it as well after plying. A pastel aquamarine is really not something I would wear.


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Knitter, sewer, spinner. Way to many comic books, yarn and Doctor Who DVDs at home to call it healthy but I love it.

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