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7 days – 7 things. “Wether you like it or not!”

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The quote in the header is a quote from the sixth Doctor from Doctor Who. One of my favourite Doctors.

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I love to swatch. Not so much the classic 10x10cm squares (or 4″x4″ if you’re not using ISO), but different pattern stitches.

Sometimes you find a really great one on the internet, or in a stichonary and just have to knit it.
One of those is this really great looking pattern:


I really like the look, the texture and the proportions. But hell, I don’t want to work a whole piece with it. You see the lovely twisted stitches that build up the cluster in the middle of the flowers? That is a work 7(!) stitchs together through back loop and make 7 new ones from that.
Not something I want to work on a larger scale.

But as I love the look, I’ll probably play around with it to get a more managable stitch instead of the 7-into-7.

7 Days – 7 Things (or less)

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So this week I didn’t manage to find 7 things I crafted. The blame for that lies with one huge project.

7 days - 7 things (or less)

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7 days – 7 things

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And here the second installment of the “7 days – 7 things” challenge.

7 Days 7 Things by Atalante

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All tangled up, or not!

If you’re ever wondered, why I don’t go insane when working my Das Waldhaus socks? I use a similar technic with my current design. It is like so many lately inspired my comic books, the panels to be precise.

I just push all contrast colours in the sock. So when working, I knit continental style with my main colour and when I come to a stitch that needs to be worked in contrast colour I just pull up the yarn a bit and throw the stitch.

All tangled up

This way no tangling up of main and contrast colours. Even tho the contrast colours build up a nest you only need the lenghth of 1 stitch untangled, something that is achieved while pulling up the yarn for knitting that stitch.

Here the finished socks, fresh from the needles and I even woven in the ends. Yes I don’t always weave them in with socks …

Comic book panel socks

Love and Hate

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Sometimes there are designs I love, but still hate so much while working on.

My current shawl design is one of those. I really like the look so far, I liked the look of the parts I frogged (now twice!), I really love the yarn. But now I had to frog the boarder twice! Boarder, that part of a shawl that usually has the most stitches and in this case lace.
The lace is a not even complicated chevron lace, which gives a great contrast to the stockinette stitch and colourwork of the main body of the shawl. But I buggered up the stitchcount twice(!) for the chart. And let’s face it, a jog of even one stitch is very noticable in a geomatrical pattern like chevron 😉
I now made the third chart, which is not that uncommen for designing, but usually I have a working chart without such math problems before starting.

So now I have the stitches just before the lace back on the needles, and start something else, written by someone else, to give my knitting brain a rest.

So this girl is off knitting the Snpadragon flip-tops for a friend/model 🙂

Here she is in a behind the scene from our last photoshoot she is trying on MY favourit cardigen 😉

 tangled yoke cardigen

Comic books and knitting

*dusting a bit* Gosh I haven’t blogged in a long time.

Live got in the way of social media, but never in the way of knitting and designing.

My newest obsession with designing are with comic book inspired knits. Well, superhero comic books to be precise, as my fairy tale knits were inspired by the comic series Fables.

Thanks to brain storming with a friend on twitter I have more then enough ideas for two collections, with everything from cowls and shawls, to garments.

And I already finished three prototypes!

The first one is for a Spider-Man inspired shawl, this is a matching piece to my Itsy Bitsy Spider and A Big One knee highs.

The next one is Captain America inspired and will be a Mystery KAL, so psssst no pics 🙂
But there will be texture, lace, colourwork (well stripes and slipped stitches, and only if you want it), and fun.

And the third are fresh from the needles, some fingerless gloves matching the armor from Lady Sif.
I developed an obession with that vertical braid you can see on the mittens. They are a really cool feature and easiert to work then you may think, I even made a ilittle tutorial for the mittens.