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7 Days – 7 Things (or less)

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So this week I didn’t manage to find 7 things I crafted. The blame for that lies with one huge project.

7 days - 7 things (or less)

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Polka Dots

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This was the firts dress I made on my sewing maschine. The firts thing ever was a similar skirt to the one on the dress from the same fabric even.
The pattern is Vouge 8766 and if I ever choose the other skirt option and add sleeves, I could work up my own version of the winning dress from the first season final of the Great British Sewing Bee.


The fit isn’t perfect, but then I have a tendencie to over criticises garments and accessories I made myself.

I changed the skirt a bit, as a full circle is just to much, so 80cm less in the bottum circle. And I shorten it to end just around my knees.


Bags, bags and sewing

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Last year in May I bought a sewing maschine. Yes like I need another hobby.
I so far made three dresses, a blouse, two skirts and a winter coat, more about those garments in a later blog post. (first one here)

But nearly everything is knit related with me, so I made some project bags. Most are made from scrap fabric that was left over from the garments. Only the one with the apple-inside-the-apple fabric was a bag only buy.
The one matching my coat is not pictured, that was a birthday gift for a friend, but it’s just a lighter shade of gray then the polka dot bag.

Project bags, Atalante

The joy of buttons

Well before I bought my sewing machine last year I inherited a button collection.
These were intended for my knitting but with taking up yet another hobby these will be for sewing as well. This month sewing project is a blouse. I’m so thankful for the new Nerdopolis challenge were sewing or other non-Ravelry crafts, count.

So I spend some time sorting through the buttons, not that I found what I needed for my blouse, but it was fun.

2015-02-16 19.30.49

Now I have to find patterns for some of those buttons I really love 🙂