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Making yarn from yarn

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In late november last year I won tickets for the first ‘knit cinema’ in Berlin.
This is a rather great concept where the light is still on while the movie is shown, so you can knit while watching.
Friends will tell you I even knit in the cinema when the lights aren’t on, but this version is easier (and no surprise of dropped stitches later!)


As it was the first happening there was a little ruffle of ‘We are knitters’ kits.
They make your usual run of the mill hipster knitting kits, huge (15mm!) needles, giant single-ply yarn (1cm diameter), a sew-on-tag, a plastic tapestry needle to small for the yarn! and a pattern where you have to sew mitten.
All in all not something I can actually use.
My preferred needle size is 3.5mm, DK is a thick yarn for me and I know how to work in the round. But the friend I want with and I thought ‘why not, let’s put our names in’.


Of cause, after already winning the tickets, we both won a knit each!

So now what? Actually knit with needles larger then drum sticks? Sell it on ebay? Trash it? (ok let’s be honest, I would never trash 100% fluffy wool!)

Juliane Stricknadeln

copyright Juliane Kiesel

After examining the yarn a bit, it’s spun very loosely, I thought about spinning it into a finer yarn, a lot finer!


At home I made a test, and yeah I can spin it.
So now instead of continuing my green merino/silk fibres, I make useful yarn from (for me) useless yarn. And then the second skein from my friend.


And before someone asks about the colour: Yes I’ll over dye it as well after plying. A pastel aquamarine is really not something I would wear.


Tour de Fleece

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So this year I decided to participate in the Tour de Fleece over at Ravelry.
I play for the Berlin spinnt (Berlin spins) and Nerdopolis teams.

So far I finished the minimum of what I wanted to acomplish during the Tour, this 2-ply lace in pink I spun up for a friend:


And I’m now of to spin a lovely warm gray lace (yes again) for myself.


Blocking and spinning

Pre blocking my “lady of the lake” shawl, becoming a parasol, to check size.

And guess what?! I still need app. 15cm more. The shawl now is large enough to cover the umbrella up to the part where it’s tied together.

And while that was blocking on my floor I picked up my spindle again. I’m still working my way through the green/black fibre and I think I already have a project for that in mind.

The pic still shows the green part but yesterday I stared on the first black part of the roving.

Green and leaves but not together

After spinning two of my mini-fibre braids I started on something bigger 🙂

It’s a lovely braid from Drachenwolle, in the colourway Apfel (apple). I bought the fibre nearly two years ago for my spinning wheel but never got the hang of spinning it as fine as I wanted it. But with the spindle it’s working fine (so far).

With my parasol I’m at that point where I thought “hey I knitted already a good bit of that shawl I must be already across the half way point”.
But NO, after a late night midway blocking session, I have 28cm of the needed 60cm.

You can already see the tiny leaves, the larger ones as a band and the water between the leaves.
Now I just need to finished knitting those other 32cm and the boarder.
And if I want to finish it in time for dissertation deadline of the Nerd Wars, the shawl needs to be finished by the end of the year.

Spinning something green

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I already own a spinning wheel, a Wernekinck Delft to be precise, for two years now.
It’s a really lovely little thing I got from my parents. I had to scrub a lot of let’s-not-think-about-it-stuff from it after the wheel lived in a very wet cellar for over 20 years.
But apart from the cleaning and oiling the wood again it was fully functional and working.

For my learning curve I bought 2kg of undyed wool and experimented with different drafting and dying the wool/yarn.
Most of that yarn is or will be made into Doctor Who inspired squares and then sewed together to form a blanket.

So the wheel is working good and I’m getting even yarn (we all have bad days) out of it. But it’s really not suitable for spinning lace yarn and I really didn’t had fun with the cashmere.
Ok the cashmere spinning being a total failure could be because I wasn’t a good spinner then but I’m sure the wheel had it’s part too.

So last thursday while being at a DIY store I bough a little toy wheel and a matching stick for under 3€.
Together with a drop of wood glue I made a spindle for lace yarns 🙂

I had to adjust my drafting a bit but it’s already looking quite nice, let’s hope that structure is still there after setting the yarn.
The fibre is some lovely merino I got from a friend, it was in a package with 10 different shades of green. I already spun up two of those on my wheel and now will spin the others on the spindle and maybe knit them all together into something shawl-like.

So now when will I take that thing with me to uni to get even more strange looks then with “just” the knitting 😀