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Tales of Suspense

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Welcome to my new Mystery Knit-a-Long.

The inspiration for this shawl is the comic book character Captain America. Tales of Suspense was a comic boom titel by Marvel Comics and its forerunner and featured sci-fi stories. After introducing Iron Man and heavily featuring Capatain America, the titel changed to Captain America with it’s number 100.
I even made a little Captain America shield for our photo shooting and the spoiler pic.

Tales of Suspense MKAL

The MKAL will begin with the first clue on April the 2nd, and the last clue will be published on the 23th of April. There will 4 clues in total and the last clue will be published just in time for the start of Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.
The shawl will include textured stitches, lace, garter and slip stitches. There is one not too commen stitch in the third clue, but fear not, I already have a tutorial for it.

Maybe you have your shawl finished just in time to see the movie in the cinema.

I hope you all will have fun knitting and chatting! I can’t wait to see the first pictures and yarn combinations.