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So last weekend was the first (and hopefully not last) Berlin knits yarnfestival.


So much yarn to cuddle, think about and buy. I’m swatching and re-swatching and thinking about a Riddler cowl for some time now. The Riddler always was one of those Batman baddies I liked, totally strange and camp and over the top, just like the Batman erea I like.


And on saturday I found the perfect yarn for it. A lush green with little pops of brown and black, and hey it’s even from Berlin πŸ™‚ It’s from Wolleverliebt and the colourway is Krokodil.


7 days – 7 things 11

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7 days – 7 things X

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Me Made May – Week 1

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Here the first week of my may outfits.

Including what, from where and why I love it πŸ™‚

Day 1:
2015-05-01 09.03.07

These are my version of the spring forward socks from They are made of some cotton sock yarn I had half a skein. I like them, but they don’t really see the light of day very often, sneaker socks are just not for me.

Day 2:


My friendly neighbourhood spider-shawl. I just love this shawl. Made from handspun, spiders, good to wear (thanks to the little spiders that give the shalw wings) and green πŸ™‚

Day 3:

A tada-outfit. Lace stockings and bolero made by me. I have a thing for stockings πŸ™‚

Day 4:

2015-05-17 17.52.09

My whisper cardigen. Was stillw arm here so, I was out and about with a skirt and top again, but in the mornings you need something to cover the arms or I freeze.

Day 5:


Waldhaus socks. Who I love these. Fun to knit, fun to wear and I used up some “to short to make something along, but to much/good to trash”-left overs.

Day 6:


Did I ever mention that I love polka dots?! The dress is a smitchen to large, but I love the hell out of it. The pattern is Vogue Easy Options Misses’ Dress Pattern 8766.

Day 7:
This is one of my all time favourit cardigens. I has major issues, like I can’t close it, but I still more or less life in it. And that colour πŸ˜€ Wollmeise pure in GrΓΌnfink, I may have made a top in that yarn as well.

7 Days – 7 Things 9

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Me Made May ’15

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I found the Me-Made-May challenge (more see this blog) and thought why not.

I have a lot of lace shawls and socks, many cardigens and sweaters, some sewn dresses and skirts and my Watson jacket.
I’ll try to repeat as little as possible for this challenge, obviously the jacket will be repeated a lot as it will not always be warm enough to go out without a jacket in may, and not always wear my tangled yoke cardigen.

Daily updates will be on Instagram and/or Twitter and I’ll likely post a weekly roundup with links and little descriptions here.

7 days – 7 tings IIX

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