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? ? ? ? ? ? Questionmark ? ? ? ?

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So last weekend was the first (and hopefully not last) Berlin knits yarnfestival.


So much yarn to cuddle, think about and buy. I’m swatching and re-swatching and thinking about a Riddler cowl for some time now. The Riddler always was one of those Batman baddies I liked, totally strange and camp and over the top, just like the Batman erea I like.


And on saturday I found the perfect yarn for it. A lush green with little pops of brown and black, and hey it’s even from Berlin 🙂 It’s from Wolleverliebt and the colourway is Krokodil.


7 days – 7 things 11

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7 Days – 7 Things 9

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7 days – 7 tings IIX

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7 Days – 7 Things, number 7

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Yes way to late, but I just didn’t have the time or motivation to take pictures in the alst three days, but here they are.

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7 Days – 7 Things (or less)

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So this week I didn’t manage to find 7 things I crafted. The blame for that lies with one huge project.

7 days - 7 things (or less)

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7 Things – 7 Days, the third

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I’m kind of amazed I manage to blog regularly, usually I’m already distracted by the next shiney thing after around a week.

But this collecting things over a week really helps. I write things after/while crafting and then have one shiney new post once a week.

7 Days - 7 Things, part 3

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