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Frau Holle Clue 1

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So first Clue is up.
And some have already finished knitting it 🙂

This lovely Version is from Nadelhexchen:

















And this from Lotta2009:

The first one is rather simple and a nice easy start that will get more lacy and complicated as the KAL progresses. Don’t panik, still managable lace just more of it then in Clue 1.


Frau Holle

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Last year a friends asked me to design her a lace shawl that started with plain stockinette stitch and ended in lace, the transition should be organic and not in stripes or too random.

So after a lot of charting and re-charting and getting new ideas I finished knitting my prototype of the shawl in may.

And now after a lot of test knitting and editing and puzzling all the parts together I started my very first self hosted mystery KAL.

The shawl is inspired by snow fall and thous named “Frau Holle” (Mother Hulda in english) one of my all time favourite fairy tails as a child.

You can join HERE and for chatting and posting pictures later please join my new group.