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Lady of the Lake finished

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Finally the pattern is finished.


After month of writing, knitting, rewriting, testing, rewriting and taking pictures the pattern is live ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m really proud of my first circular shawl and it works as a parasol.
The tutorial for building the parasol is HERE.

My friend/model Jaqueline and I had some fun during the photo shoot. The weather wasn’t ideal, to cold and always looming rain clouds but we managed some good pictures.


As expected we got a lot of strange looks. Some people asked about the parasol and were positively shocked to learn I made it myself.


Once upon a time

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I really have a fascination with fairy tales, ok the comic book series “Fables” to be honest, and knit designs inspired by them.
So much that I just put three patterns (Frau Holle, wilde Schwรคne and the newly published Sterntaler) together as an ebook. There is still one pattern to be added to the collection later.

The Sterntaler knee highs are some of my favorite knee highs, warm, not too complicated to knit and the patterned part is not obscured by shoes or boots ๐Ÿ™‚
The foot and calf part are completely adjustable to your size and the knee highs even look good in a variant or self patterned yarn thanks to the large stockinette part.


If you bought any of the single patterns or want to buy the collection after buying a single pattern you get 40% of the ebook.

It fits!

I finally knitted enough shawl to fit my umbrella ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s not blocked in the picture so last part looks very sloppy and the estonian flowers are hardly visible.

Now I “just” need to knitt the ruffeled boarder. I now have a 1m cable and not really space to work but I finished the increases for the ruffels and I now knit until the yarn runs out.


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The really annoying part of designing and knitting my own patterns: I can’t blame anyone else then myself for stupid mistakes in the pattern.
Yesterday I found a math error (switched two numbers in my notes!) and thanks to that I had to frog, recalculate part of my shawl, made a new chart and swatch that chart.

Foto am 05-12-2012 um 19.41

It’s a play on a classic estonian waterlily with a mesh background.
It’d the last chart before the boarder. I only need 10cm more in the shawl to fit my umbrella.

But before I can finish the shawl I really need a new skein of yarn, my second one is running low:

Foto am 05-12-2012 um 20.06

And I thought I would need less then two skeins. Will be quite heavy now, hope I works as a parasol!

Green and leaves but not together

After spinning two of my mini-fibre braids I started on something bigger ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s a lovely braid from Drachenwolle, in the colourway Apfel (apple). I bought the fibre nearly two years ago for my spinning wheel but never got the hang of spinning it as fine as I wanted it. But with the spindle it’s working fine (so far).

With my parasol I’m at that point where I thought “hey I knitted already a good bit of that shawl I must be already across the half way point”.
But NO, after a late night midway blocking session, I have 28cm of the needed 60cm.

You can already see the tiny leaves, the larger ones as a band and the water between the leaves.
Now I just need to finished knitting those other 32cm and the boarder.
And if I want to finish it in time for dissertation deadline of the Nerd Wars, the shawl needs to be finished by the end of the year.

Frau Holle Clue 1

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So first Clue is up.
And some have already finished knitting it ๐Ÿ™‚

This lovely Version is from Nadelhexchen:

















And this from Lotta2009:

The first one is rather simple and a nice easy start that will get more lacy and complicated as the KAL progresses. Don’t panik, still managable lace just more of it then in Clue 1.

Frau Holle

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Last year a friends asked me to design her a lace shawl that started with plain stockinette stitch and ended in lace, the transition should be organic and not in stripes or too random.

So after a lot of charting and re-charting and getting new ideas I finished knitting my prototype of the shawl in may.

And now after a lot of test knitting and editing and puzzling all the parts together I started my very first self hosted mystery KAL.

The shawl is inspired by snow fall and thous named “Frau Holle” (Mother Hulda in english) one of my all time favourite fairy tails as a child.

You can join HEREย and for chatting and posting pictures later please join my new group.