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Lady of the Lake finished

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Finally the pattern is finished.


After month of writing, knitting, rewriting, testing, rewriting and taking pictures the pattern is live 🙂

I’m really proud of my first circular shawl and it works as a parasol.
The tutorial for building the parasol is HERE.

My friend/model Jaqueline and I had some fun during the photo shoot. The weather wasn’t ideal, to cold and always looming rain clouds but we managed some good pictures.


As expected we got a lot of strange looks. Some people asked about the parasol and were positively shocked to learn I made it myself.


It fits!

I finally knitted enough shawl to fit my umbrella 😀

It’s not blocked in the picture so last part looks very sloppy and the estonian flowers are hardly visible.

Now I “just” need to knitt the ruffeled boarder. I now have a 1m cable and not really space to work but I finished the increases for the ruffels and I now knit until the yarn runs out.


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The really annoying part of designing and knitting my own patterns: I can’t blame anyone else then myself for stupid mistakes in the pattern.
Yesterday I found a math error (switched two numbers in my notes!) and thanks to that I had to frog, recalculate part of my shawl, made a new chart and swatch that chart.

Foto am 05-12-2012 um 19.41

It’s a play on a classic estonian waterlily with a mesh background.
It’d the last chart before the boarder. I only need 10cm more in the shawl to fit my umbrella.

But before I can finish the shawl I really need a new skein of yarn, my second one is running low:

Foto am 05-12-2012 um 20.06

And I thought I would need less then two skeins. Will be quite heavy now, hope I works as a parasol!

Blocking and spinning

Pre blocking my “lady of the lake” shawl, becoming a parasol, to check size.

And guess what?! I still need app. 15cm more. The shawl now is large enough to cover the umbrella up to the part where it’s tied together.

And while that was blocking on my floor I picked up my spindle again. I’m still working my way through the green/black fibre and I think I already have a project for that in mind.

The pic still shows the green part but yesterday I stared on the first black part of the roving.

Green and leaves but not together

After spinning two of my mini-fibre braids I started on something bigger 🙂

It’s a lovely braid from Drachenwolle, in the colourway Apfel (apple). I bought the fibre nearly two years ago for my spinning wheel but never got the hang of spinning it as fine as I wanted it. But with the spindle it’s working fine (so far).

With my parasol I’m at that point where I thought “hey I knitted already a good bit of that shawl I must be already across the half way point”.
But NO, after a late night midway blocking session, I have 28cm of the needed 60cm.

You can already see the tiny leaves, the larger ones as a band and the water between the leaves.
Now I just need to finished knitting those other 32cm and the boarder.
And if I want to finish it in time for dissertation deadline of the Nerd Wars, the shawl needs to be finished by the end of the year.

The end and a new beginning (more or less)

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So that is all that’s left of the tempest cardigan:

Well that and the buttons, I don’t have a good picture of the tangled yoke cardigan yet but there will be one.

I find frogging, and untangling yarn for that matter, deeply relaxing and quit like the frogging-in-progress-look of yarn. Too bad the knitting/crocheting is always a lot more work then the frogging.

On a more productive note; my parasol is coming along nicely:

I’m now in the 3rd of 6 (planned) chart. It’s nearly big enough to knit in the round on the whole cable, at the moment it’s a little awkward to magic loop the thing.
Sometimes I have the feeling my designs are a little too complicated to knit. This one has a lot of real lace (no non-patternd rounds), but I really like the look of the patterns I’m using. And even though it is real lace and I have to look at the chart for every round it’s still easy and intuitive to knit.
Next thing for this project is to find a cheap but not to flimsy umbrella that has a nice black handle.

Bad planning

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One should never take a knitting project on a train journey when the pattern is on the Mac only and there is not enough space to put up the Mac!

But hey I finished most of my book.

The pattern in question is a new design for a circular shawl. I never knitted a circular shawl before, so designing my first ever circular shawl myself is a bit of a risk, but works so far.
My inspiration for this one is he athurian legend, the lake with Excalibur in it in particular. So it’ll start with some nature themes and ends in water and maybe a bit of ruffles for the boarder to underline the water thing.

And the further (nuts) plan is to make that shawl into a parasol. I always wanted a nice, cute, black parasol in the summer without looking too girly or too goth.
But I hope with my own design and a “fuck strange looks”-attitude I’ll hopefully have my parasol in the not so far future.