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All tangled up, or not!

If you’re ever wondered, why I don’t go insane when working my Das Waldhaus socks? I use a similar technic with my current design. It is like so many lately inspired my comic books, the panels to be precise.

I just push all contrast colours in the sock. So when working, I knit continental style with my main colour and when I come to a stitch that needs to be worked in contrast colour I just pull up the yarn a bit and throw the stitch.

All tangled up

This way no tangling up of main and contrast colours. Even tho the contrast colours build up a nest you only need the lenghth of 1 stitch untangled, something that is achieved while pulling up the yarn for knitting that stitch.

Here the finished socks, fresh from the needles and I even woven in the ends. Yes I don’t always weave them in with socks …

Comic book panel socks


Lady of the Lake finished

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Finally the pattern is finished.


After month of writing, knitting, rewriting, testing, rewriting and taking pictures the pattern is live 🙂

I’m really proud of my first circular shawl and it works as a parasol.
The tutorial for building the parasol is HERE.

My friend/model Jaqueline and I had some fun during the photo shoot. The weather wasn’t ideal, to cold and always looming rain clouds but we managed some good pictures.


As expected we got a lot of strange looks. Some people asked about the parasol and were positively shocked to learn I made it myself.

“Spaziergang im Garten” Help

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In my shawl “Spaziergang im Garten” startes with a lovely clover-like pattern which is not only lace but adds a bit of texture too.


Here a little help for the smocking bit in the pattern:

Spaziergang im Garten

1. The first pic shows the stitches just before you beginn the smocking. You have 7 stitches while smocking and 5 AFTER the double decrease in the middle.

2. Insert the needle between the 7th and 8th stitch and pull the working yarn through.

3. Pull said working yarn loop until you can put it in front of the first stitch on your left needle.

4. Knit the first stitch and the loop together. Be careful not to pull yarn too tight you don’t want any puckering.