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This blog post is for the really nice lady today who was so impressed by my knitting I’m still smiling.

I was wearing my Blooming Garden Shawl in Wollmeise pure “Frühling”. As the colour means “spring” and it is rather warm here already for febuary I though it was the fitting piece for today.

I sadly don’t have any pics of me wearing the shawl but a funny one of it blocking:

In other news I finished a companion piece to my Waldhaus socks: Some mitten I knitted for the ravellenic games. Atm they are tested and will be available soon.


Peris Paradox

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A little behind-the-scenes for my latest shawl design, Peri’s Paradox, newly published in knitty.

The whole thing started out as a little sketch in my notebook.


First it was just a half circle with stockinette stitch and a border, but with time and playing with the idea in my head I changed the stockinette stitch to the woven-pattern and later added the reverse stockinette panel on top.

The whole pattern is an homage to one of my favourite Doctor Who companions: Perpugilliam “Peri” Brown and the audioplay Peri and the Piscon Paradox.

The first version was worked as part of the Nerd Wars over at ravelry, I’m usually in team “Shady Cels” all things comic/animation/manga/anime.
I made it as a dissertation, a project that takes more than one challenge and is worked over the whole tournament, and got full points for it 🙂

bis April 2013 030

This dissertation was worked in Wollmeise 100%/Pure in Spinaci and I used 88% of the skein, so if you have a skein of Wollmeise Pure lying around this is a nice project that uses just that one skein.

This is the version I send to knitty.
From knitty I got a lovely silk/merino yarn, SweetGeorgia Yarns Silk Crush to be precise. A strangely aped name for the yarn. It’s lovely and smooth and cuddly like you would expected from a silk/merino blend but the silk characteristics are very strong and you get that paper-ish feeling from pure silk with the warmth of merino.
The colour chosen by knitty was a nice deep pink-ish/purpel-ish-berry colour “Raspberry”. Which is a colour you would not find in my stash but the best thing about knitting-friends with different tastes in colour is not only that you don’t have to fight over the same unique skein of yarn but also you can “pay” your model with the piece she’s modeling.

And it’s totally her colour 🙂

The pics were taken by another friend and we had really good fun while shooting, here some behind-the-scenes-pics:

bis April 2013 044a bis April 2013 119a

Mostly pinning things down as it was a bit windy.

I hope you will all have fun with my pattern, it’s not the easiest I ever designed but it’s one of my favourites and get’s a lot of wear.

The end and a new beginning (more or less)

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So that is all that’s left of the tempest cardigan:

Well that and the buttons, I don’t have a good picture of the tangled yoke cardigan yet but there will be one.

I find frogging, and untangling yarn for that matter, deeply relaxing and quit like the frogging-in-progress-look of yarn. Too bad the knitting/crocheting is always a lot more work then the frogging.

On a more productive note; my parasol is coming along nicely:

I’m now in the 3rd of 6 (planned) chart. It’s nearly big enough to knit in the round on the whole cable, at the moment it’s a little awkward to magic loop the thing.
Sometimes I have the feeling my designs are a little too complicated to knit. This one has a lot of real lace (no non-patternd rounds), but I really like the look of the patterns I’m using. And even though it is real lace and I have to look at the chart for every round it’s still easy and intuitive to knit.
Next thing for this project is to find a cheap but not to flimsy umbrella that has a nice black handle.

Fairy Tale Knits

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Thanks to the really brilliant comic book series “Fables” I found my love for fairy tales again. Ok I started to hate strange persons and fall for ones I never liked in the original fairy tales but that’s a great comic book for you.

The first one published are my wilde Schwäne mitten.

Lovely not to long mitten for a friend who loves the fairy tale “wild swans” by Hans Christina Anderson. They are knitted in Wollmeise Frosch (yes the scrapes from the Tempest Cardigen) and the nettles are made with the roositude inlay method.
The inlay method is really easy and something for knitters who (like me) aren’t good with stranded knitting. You weave in strandes of the contrast colour while knitting so you don’t have to fiddle with tension after knitting.

With the code “Brennesseln” you get a 10% discount for them.